Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 6, 2009}   Needing a drink

So you know how I craved sugar the other night?

Well, now I am craving liquor and lots of it!!!  Heinous? Irish? Captain? Any of you guys got a drink out there?

You see, this past weekend, the basher brothers also known as Angel Eyes and Sneaky Monkey decided that it would be a good idea to redo the window treatment in their room and remove all the window blinds. I guess they prefer the perfect strangers in the parking lot staring at them at all hours of the day. (Mary Anne, Casey, Jenbo, and Jenyou ladies are okay but there are truly some weirdos out there – oh, be careful there is a huge iguana and alligator roaming around the lake – just want to warn you.) Where was I? Oh yeah…..all the blinds were off, not a one survived!!! I  had to go to target and buy black-out drapes. I thought I had done an awesome job buying a pack that said 54 x 84 because the window was 73″ wide  and it came with two panels – guess what? not the right size!!! apparently 84 was the length so I had to go back out and buy another package – luckily there was one more left and fix the window. At least now they are sleeping better without them large lights in the parking lot shining into their rooms.

Then to top it off, as payback for me wanting sugar at night, my husband decides that he is in the mood for Cuban food and wants to go out and get some. Mind you there is no Cuban restaurant near where we live (Jen, if you know of any please let me know – I don’t want to go through this again!). Guess where the closest one was??? Yeah, in Pembroke Pines!! That is on the border of Miami (well, Hialeah to be exact) That is a good 45 minute drive from where we live. Know what else? We ALL had to go and I again got stuck waiting in the car hearing the children scream at the umpteenth reprisal of Madagascar followed by Happy Feet!!! AGHGHGH!!!!

And to make worse come to worse, I heard from my husband yesterday that the aide in my son’s school told him that Little Man’s Godmother (who is the teacher for Angel Eyes & Sneaky Monkey) her son passed away on the 21st. He had terminal brain cancer and was in his late thirties. My heart was broken as I knew how devastated she was and I couldn’t be there for her as she had been there for me so many times because she could not find my new cell phone number.  This poor woman has suffered so much and has always had a smile on her face and love in her heart. He is in a better place now I know but I cannot help but feel for her – she is like a mother to me and I can’t imagine what she is going through right now.

R.I.P.   Seth Eisenberg, you are watching over your mom now, do not worry – we are looking out for her.

Khadra says:

So sad 😦
Sorry about your blinds, we have been through this a few times unfortunately.

Im needing ice cream tonight. I say we get together for some rum and ice cream 🙂

Oh my goodness, how tragic. To lose a child…I cannot imagine it.

I think I need a drink now too!

captaindumbass says:

I got some Smirnov Ice in the fridge, come on over. Bring some Cuban food, I’ve never tried it. Sorry about Seth, that’s terrible.

Why can they not leave blinds alone? WHY!?

I’m so sorry about your friend… hugs to you.
You drove 45 minutes for food? Dayum!

Jenni says:

Holy crap, Krystal! Now I need a drink too.

Get this woman a Guinness, STAT!

My dear, I am so sorry to hear.

The bar is still open over at IG, c’mon I’ll pour you a tall one. Plus, there is a Cuban restaurant not 20 minutes away…:)

Sorry to hear about Little Man’s Godmother’s loss. Have fun over at IG’s place… 😀

halfasgoodasyou says:

I’m so sorry to hear about Seth.

I hope the Cuban food was good? I could go for some food right now but HASAY wouldn’t approve of the choices I’d make so I’ll skip it. I think Mrs. Bear lives in Hialeah.

Mama Dawg says:

Sorry to hear about the son that died.

Cuban sounds good to me, but here in the sticks, it’s doubtful I’ll ever get any.

Oh, Krystal, I’m so sorry to hear this about your friend’s son.
Um, isn’t there a Pollo Tropical on every corner in your neck of the woods? They can fake ropa vieja with the best of them! (As far as I’ve been exposed.. John’s uncle is Oscar Haza, yup, the host of Manos Limpios, and he always drags us to some obscure Cuban joint down where they live in Miami.) (I usually close my eyes since the driving and traffic are horrendous and have no clue where these places are..)

Lori says:

First of all I am sorry about your friends son. Very sad.
Second, you are not alone with the kids ruining the blinds as mine have done this and drives me crazy when they do stuff like this.
Lastly, my daugher and her husband that live in Ft. Lauderdale, have taken me to a couple different Cuban places to eat(I love it)and if my memory serves me corrrectly, Pembrook Pines was one of them.
And I would love to have a drink with you…hey when I go visit my daughter maybe we will have to work on that!

Keely says:

What IS it with the blinds? Mine is already fascinated.

I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. I hope she has lots of loving friends and family like you to help her through it.

Jim @ IPR says:

You can come by any time for a drink. My door is always open for you.

I hope that Cuban restaurant was the best ever. You deserved it after that trip.

I’m sorry to hear about Seth. I’m sure his mom is surrounded by people lending their support.

colepack says:

The loss of a child can never be overcome.
All in all, you are having a bad day.
Tomorrow will be better! Think that!

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