Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 3, 2009}   Late night cravings

All I am going to say is that late night cravings are not only for pregnant women.

Thursday night I was so hungry and craving something sweet that my husband got so tired of hearing me whine that he decided to go get me something – but of course, as with most things that I whine and beg for, there were conditions.

1. That he too could get something for himself

2. That it could not be Dunkin Donuts

3. EVERYONE HAD TO GO WITH HIM!!!….If he had to suffer to go out at 8pm (I know, not so late night) we all had to go and suffer

Since I was craving so bad I went along with it.

So there I was walking the kids out in their pajamas and me in mine (mind you I was all pink – pink shirt, pink pants, pink socks – and for those of you who are even more curious – pink undergarments too!!! I looked like a bottle of pepto walking out of my house)

Needless to say we all get in the car and went to Publix. If any of you have ever been to Publix you know that their bakery makes the BEST cakes and cupcakes. These things melt in your mouth.

But of course in their usual holiday splendor, Publix was closed. Okay, I understand being closed Thanksgiving and Christmas but New Year’s Day? Ugh!!!

So then we drove to Winn Dixie which was open – I knew I could always count on Winn Dixie. While we were parked, my husband went inside and I stayed in the War Wagon (Sorry Jenbo, my husband renamed it) with the monsters angels. It was a veritable scream fest in there!!!

No matter how many movies I offered them – nobody was satisfied. Meanwhile my husband was contemplating which dessert to buy for himself after I had already told him to get me the snickers cake. He was torn between a Cheesecake sampler platter, a key lime pie, an orange mango pie, a Boston creme pie all while I was battling the creatures that escaped from Pan’s Labyrinth.

Finally when he was done he came to the car and then asked if I wanted a shake from Wendy’s. Me being the wise and stoic minded woman that I am looked at the clock and realized it was very close to the kids’ bedtime said “sure!” and he wonderfully drove to Wendy’s and got himself a Vanilla shake and I got a Vanilla Coke Float – MMMMMM Yummmm!!!!

This stop was not without event either – Sneaky Monkey has learned to ask nicely for things so when he saw the wonderful red letters began to recite “I want Please chicken” all the way home.

Aren’t family outings so wonderful?


Awww, beautiful story. Nothing beats going out when it’s close to bedtime. OK, maybe nap time. 😉

“Pan’s Labyrinth” – What a wondeful image! I had quite the scene in my head of a rollicking vehicle filled with strange and wonderous creatures. Great choice of description!

A shake and slice of key lime pie would have been GREAT! And “I want Please chicken” could be a website name, kind of like

I hope you enjoyed the sugar hit!

Hey sweetie, I have like your whole blog to catch up on!! I keep mis placing blogs, yeah I know that could prob only happen to me :0)

A cheese cake sampler? oh get me one of them please Krystals hubby. *rainbowmummy whines and begs for aaaaages* Not fair, guess it only works if you have sex with him ;0) Oh tomorrow, I can’t wait for you, and your promise of Starbucks blueberry swirl cheese cake. Which I had today too, so, not my new years resolution to be lose weight….

Casey says:

You wrote that entire post to throw us HASAYers off the wagon, didn’t you? All I can say is YUM!

Dude, I totally had a Wendy’s Vanilla Frostie today and imagined I was dipping french fries into it! Oh, so good! You’re right, Publix cakes are melt in your mouth awesome!

I want please chicken!! That is adorable!

How was the Snickers pie? Sounds tasty!

colepack says:

I love the way they ask for things, some time. Mine usually get it based on that alone 🙂
Publix bakery is the best!

Heinous says:

I’m not brave enough to venture out close to bedtime…

Khadra says:

OMG yes that is late to me too! The kids are in bed or about to be in bed at 8, and there is NOTHING that is making me take them out at that time. I would have gone to the store myself. Luckily my husband is willing, most of the time, to go for me.

Mama Dawg says:

Mmmmmm…..shakes. I love shakes.

I don’t know how you’d do it going on an impromptu ride w/6 kids. I hate driving to town for things I actually NEED!

This post did not help day one of my diet!!! Darn you think people!!! Oh well, I’m crazy about you anyway!

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