Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 2, 2009}   Just a quickie

To those of you who I visit regularly but have not left a comment, please know I am not ignoring you or not stopping by – I am – I have been lurking and reading but have not commented because I am a bit short on time since I have been home for a few days and the kids are not in school so my time has been short lived. Things will get back to normal soon since they return to school on Monday.

But please don’t think I am not stalking you as I frequently do – rest assured I am hiding in that usual hiding place by the tree next to your yard closely watching and staring at you so you have not gotten rid of me….sorry to disappoint you about that!

I heart you all and remember, I’m still out there ….somewhere…..



OK, no problem… hey wait!! I DO have a tree in my yard! Are you out there…. right NOW?? Ooooo, I’m gonna run out and say hi!

Khadra says:

So it is YOU my dog is barking at!

colepack says:

Geez, I guess I will cancel the 911 call about the stalker in my back yard.

So that would explain the muddy footprints on the walk, and those Twinkie wrappers out by the tree…Hmmm…time to set out some Hav-A-Hart traps. BIG ones…;)

halfasgoodasyou says:

I wasn’t worried. Stalker. Hope things calm down soon, I’ve been doing the same. No time to blog with sick kids running around. Why can’t they learn to take care of themselves so I can nap?

See, I get the feeling you were going for spooky, but I still feel the love! Miss you though!

You got me all excited with the ‘quickie.’

Go ahead, take a breather.

Mama Dawg says:

I was totally wondering who that was. Now I know.

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