Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 29, 2008}   I guess I owe it to you

Since you all were kind enough to view my guest post at the Captain’s but were unable to see the pics seeing as the Captain is not at all technologically literate as he seems. (You would think he was with all those videos and cool banners and picture uploads but alas, he is not – Just a jab at you Captain, I have missed you and what is the best way to show someone you heart them and miss them? Well, by harassing them of course – it is all in good fun!)

Well here you go, here are the pics that you missed and please if you find it in the kindness of your hearts, do not be cruel or mean – Just find a way to get me on What not to wear or on Tim Ginn’s guide to Style!

Before kids (this is the picture I have on my license LOL – try and guess what age I was when I took this picture)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After kids (I took this one at work seeing as I do not take any pictures of me)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So there you have me in all my glory – another year will be added to this face in 10 days  – yeap, my birthday is the same day as the King’s birthday – ahhh, glorious 26!!!  I’m hoping that the idea of getting better as you get older is true because by the time I hit 30 I want to look like this

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Please! All you need is a little mascara and you’ll look just like the first picture all over again! You’re still beautiful!

Mama Dawg says:

Ummmm…I hate to be the one to break it to you, but once you hit 30, you tend to look more like this…..,0.jpg

Just teasing.

You’re beautiful!

Keely says:

Are you sure? That outfit looks impractical.

hello, gorgeous! (that was NOT sarcastic!)

Petra says:

Both pictures are beautiful, you are a hottie!

That second lady (whoever she is) has nothin’ on you!

You should totally wear that on your thirtieth birthday.

Hold up, I’m confused. You say that last picture is your recent picture, or was it the one you took at work? Maybe I had that backwards 😉

Krystal, you look phine. You also look like someone else I know, I just can’t think of who it is…

Jim @ IPR says:

Cutest little sister ever!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Dude, you’re HAWT! Stop raggin on yourself, you look good.

colepack says:

ummmmm I think you look younger in the second photo…

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