Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 27, 2008}   I’m not home right now, please leave a message

As you can see I am not here right now I am at the Captain’s giving him a break seeing as he is so heartbroken that he could not visit family due to the weather. Poor guy lucked out of the family reunions that we all so deseperately seek and enjoy on the holidays.

So come by and visit me for a while and stick around. I know he will enjoy the company!!

Have a great one!


Jim @ IPR says:

I’m on my way.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Look at you, heading north for the holidays. I’ll check it out!

Krystal says:

Dude – you guys wake up too early!

Totally went over, read it, and felt the need to clean my house dozens of times to get as much energy spent as you do in one morning!

Sounds good, I’m going over to read it now! Wait a minute…

Great post over at the Captain’s place! You are a SUPER MOM! Even if you deny having super powers 😉 .

Just came over from the Captain’s place (wheeze, pant, wheeze). Awesome post! I salute you and hope to bring some of that energy inot my own life!


colepack says:

You are busy!! I am still overwhelmed by your story.

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