Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 26, 2008}   Spin Cycle: Secret Santa

Let me tell you about a wonderful mom who lives a similar life to mine.

Her name is Danette of Every Day Adventures. I don’t remember exactly how I found her but I am glad that I did.

She is a wonderful mom of 3 beautiful little boys – I have never seen such gorgeous smiles and shining eyes as on these little guys. These little boys are so special to her life just as mine are to me. You see, they have autism – yes, all 3 of them.

I love to read her blog because she writes about her life as it is, no sugar coating and no whining and complaining.

She is not afraid to share her life with the world and brag and boast about her children.

She is constantly updating on their progress and displaying pictures and videos.

This one is one that I loved to see. I loved to hear the boys as babies laugh and giggle.

She shows such pride in her family and in all that they do together.

She is a true inspiration to me as a mom and I hope that I am doing as good a job with my children as she does with hers!

Please stop by her blog and show her some love – she is worth the read!!!


I will head over post haste! Wonderful Spin, Krystal, I know she’ll like it. You’re linked!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Glad you found someone to connect with, I’ll have to ch eck her out.

Aspiring to have bathroom alone-time says:

Well first I must say I am thrilled to find that I am not the only loving mother who dreams of escaping from time to time, and just having a moment (okay a few days to relax, relate, and release).
My aunt recently suggested to me that I needed to create some “expansive space” for myself to refresh, so that I don’t get burned out and stressed. I was getting better at doing so and then my husband got a job out of town. Well now, I am a single mom during the week. My husband comes home on weekends but sometimes even when he is home, I feel like I am still a single parent.
Any suggestions on carving out a little space for me in my day. It is really a challenge now with my 5yr old out of school.

Danette says:

Aww, Krystal you are so sweet!! We have been away visiting family so I am very behind but I saw your comment and Sprite’s Keeper’s comment and this post just totally made my day :).

I love reading your blog for the same reason, it’s great to know someone who lives a life similar to mine (and then some!). You are so genuine and your love for your kids shines through in your blog, and you tell it like it is while keeping a positive attitude, so right back atcha!

Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas :).

Kate says:

With blessing from Sprite’s Keeper I am attempting to coordinate Happy Holiday Blogtastic Shout Out to spread love across the blogosphere. If you’re interested in participating or finding out more information check out the plan here:

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