Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 22, 2008}   Kids – Can’t live with em, Can’t get rid of em!

Okay, what is it about kids that make you want to scream and hide?

Yeah, I am talking about my kids.

This weekend – albeit a not so chaotic one – they were driving me up the wall.
You see, Little Man is having this wonderful time of pretending to be any animal that he sees on TV and scaring the bejeeses out of his little brother Baby Boy. What child gets thrills out of making his 18 month old brother shriek?!? My son, that is who.

Princess has been after her box of crayons like you could not believe. You see, I put it away when she is done coloring so her brothers don’t get to the crayons and write on the walls. Well, I was feeling generous on Friday while her daddy went out and I let her color in her room while she watched a movie. No biggie right?…Well, she colored some wonderful holiday pictures and put the papers away, the crayon box, and thought nothing of it. Well, she didn’t pick up all too well and when Angel Eyes went into her room and borrowed a crayon that was inconspicuously hidden ON TOP of the toy box, he decided to paint the walls of my dining room different shades of orange and brown. Heck, at least it went with my decor. Needless to say she has been banned from her crayon box for a week so she learns to really pick up. (Our Christmas Tree is blocking the gorgeous paint job for now – yeah, it is in my dining room – so shoot me) Cruel? I don’t think so unless you are willing to come and paint my walls, then by all means, I’ll give her the box back!

Oh and yeah, the other exciting thing about my children is the fact that Angel Eyes and Sneaky Monkey have tag-teamed to destroy their room yet again. The carpet that they had previously ripped off the floor, torn the insulation foam to pieces and I wonderfully glued back down with piece of shit super heavy duty carpet glue guess what – they ripped it off again!!!! And the remaining foam was ripped into pieces as well causing a wonderful clean up job in between the strewn toys and toy boxes.

Let’s just say that Baby Boy and Tiny Dancer are not far off either. Baby Boy has been biting and biting like crazy. He only has 6 teeth (yes, he is almost 2 and only has 6 teeth – did you forget my kids are slow at everything?) and those darned things are sharp!!! And the grip he has – ugh!!! I screamed so hard yesterday my husband thought I broke a bone. Nope, not a bone but I think I might be missing some meat on my ass (yeah, that is where he bit me) not like you could notice anyways.

And Tiny Dancer – that little girl can cry!!! OMG!!! and her appetite – she gives my husband competition. I mean she eats literally every 3 hours and by the time 2.5 hours roll by she is crying for more. I added rice cereal to her milk to see if she would hold off, nope – just made her constipated which in turn makes her cry more because she can’t go and her stomach hurts her.

Oh well, at least they are cute and angelic when they are sleeping – if they ever fall asleep that is.

Okay, I’ll stop griping about them now and I’ll call my husband to see how they are doing because I am blessed to have them just as crazy as they are and as crazy as they make me.


spriteskeeper says:

Oy, so that’s the reason your snow feature is set to blizzard!
I usually wish everyone peace and love for the holidays, but I think I’ll double the peace request for you!

Help is on the way… it’s vodka so I hope the bottle doesn’t break. 😉
I hope this week is a lot better for you!

You need any help corraling them thar critters, mam? I reckon I might know me some cowboys who need some winter work!

Lori says:

Oh dear lord can I relate. I know days like this all too well. These precious little (and not so little)people can drive us completely crazy, yet we love them silly. There are day’s that I am thinking it’s gotta be close to bedtime and then I realize it’s not even 5 pm. and I only have 2 little ones right now(unless I have daycare kids)…I remember the days when I had 5 young ones plus daycare kids…at the end of the day, when parents would be coming to pick up their kids, I remember asking my kids, “when is your mother coming to get you?”

We’re feeling your pain over here, although certainly not to the same degree. The one-year-old has a bad cold AND she’s teething. Crying. All. The. Time. AHHHHHH!!!

I wish you some peace and quiet. 🙂

colepack says:

I am still waiting for the Velcro wall to be legal. Also, those magic erasers (with the bald guy on the box) do wonders for crayons and walls.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Your poor arse! Hey, at least the kids were trying to decorate your house.. you should leave HGTV on so they get a better sense of style when they decorate.
Hope things go more smoothly for you this week…

I only have two and all I wanted to do today was beat my head against the wall til I lost consciousness. I don’t know how you do it. You’re my hero.

Khadra says:

I hope today is better for you

Mama Dawg says:

I just don’t know how you do it. All those kids. Blessings they may be, but still, dont’ you want to have a break every once in a while? I know I do and I only have one.

Want me to come baby-sit?

lori says:

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trev was a biter if you remember!!!! that sucks! just so ya know ONE DAY it just stops! can tell you what day that this but it will…………hopefully your butt will remain in tact!! lol

Jim @ IPR says:

That’s it, I’m putting you up for sainthood.

Terri says:

Sorry for the rough weekend. To banish the crayon, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 🙂

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