Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 15, 2008}   Answer to Craziness Ensues

If you guessed that I traded in my old vehicle and got a new one in order to avoid the payment you would be correct!!!

Captain, sorry I disappointed with the whole dancing on tables thing. I would do that prolly but there would need to be a lot of liquor involved and really good music!

Cameron – you came up with many good ideas, I might just take them into consideration next time the funds run low – don’t know about the fooling seniors though, I cross the line at goofing on the old.

Thanks for playing!!!!

Sorry, no prize, heck if I needed to trade in my car for cash, what makes you think I could afford a prize? You people really are greedy!!!


pixiemama says:

I would so totally be getting that prize.
Hope you like your new car.

Heinous says:

I still think you should try the weasel thing. There’s gotta be money in that.


Well, I guess keeping the hair would be a good thing. You’ll probably get more/bigger tips if you try that table dancing thing!

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