Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 11, 2008}   Serious Interruption

Okay all – I know I’m being a downer but right now is a time to be serious

Remains of a small child were just found near the Anthiny home that might be that of Caylee Marie Anthony.,0,4622128.story

Please pray that it is not her and that if it is – may she rest in peace and be in Heaven playing with the angels.

A very sad day, regardless of the fact if it is Caylee or not.

Khadra says:

This whole situation is so so sad.
I hate this mother so much.

halfasgoodasyou says:

I just read about that. That woman is just terrible.

I was in the laundry room of the hotel when I saw the news on it. She should pay. Pay for what she did. Pay for what she put the police through to keep looking for a “missing child”. Her parents should pay for their obvious involvement. I am so heartbroken over this entire case and so furious that this wman thought she could play out this facade.

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