Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 11, 2008}   Off on a rant again!!

Okay – yesterday I was trying to be calm and not let the anger out but unfortunately again today I have to.

Yesterday Little Man ran away again from the cafeteria into the same teacher’s room during lunch time. He also cursed and threatened the aide watching him (not his usual aide) and then threatened to bite himself so I was called. I asked if they wanted me to pick him up – their response was yes. So Hubby picked him up and I sent them an e-mail lashing out on them as to that not being a reason for him to be sent home.

The principal called me this morning with the ESE specialist, the vice principal, and the aide that called me yesterday. She stated that the school did not ask for us to pick him up. That when I asked if I should pick him up they said yes because his behavior was so bad that they were having difficulty ensuring his safety because they were handling another code with a physically aggressive student and all the staff was involved in that code. –  Pretty much as I told them that they were understaffed to handle both problems – they said no, that they are not understaffed that sometimes some things require more attention and more staff members and that they thought I was assisting them in this matter by offering to pick him up. To reiterate, I did not offer to pick him up, I asked them if that is what they wanted me to do and the response was yes because he was behaving very badly and there was another severe code going on at the time. They stated that it was for his safety that they agreed to us picking him up – when this was said I stated that now they cannot secure his safety while he is at school? That it is better for me to pick him up because they cannot handle his issues when another code is called and they want to make sure that he is safe because he is running away?

The next thing that was discussed was the fact of someone being in the cafeteria at lunch to assist with Little Man per our last meeting. They stated that after our meeting they thought about it and decided that instead of having his aide be in the lunch line and the students monitored by the cafeteria monitors while she was in the lunch line, that they were going to place another adult in the lunch line and have his aide in the cafeteria with the students at their table. This was not what was discussed at the meeting. At the meeting it was stated that an additional adult be present during the lunch period to assist with Little Man and the class so that there would be 2 adults there present. They stated that this is not what was said because they do not have the staff to accommodate this. Again there goes the understaffed part of it again that they are not directly admitting to.

They suggested that because he keeps running away and having such bad behaviors that from now on during times of transition, that he would be placed in another setting, not as a punishment but until he learns to behave better. That he would start off with Mrs. F in her office alone with him and the same for specials. This is secluding him from his classroom because of his behaviors whether they admit to it or not!!

I have contacted my advocate and attorney on this because I ended the conversation when they started talking about seclusion and told them I wanted to pick this conversation up at our next IEP meeting (after the winter break) while my advocate and/or attorney are present.


Like my advocate said, from the way that they talk you would think that he was a 6′ 3″ 300lb linebacker when in fact, he is just 5 years old!!!


Sucks! Sucks! Sucks!

Khadra says:

I hate the school system. HATE HATE HATE.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Ugh, that sucks majorly. I hope they’re able to work it out for everyone’s sake. Grrr.

colepack says:

sucks, totally
May the force be with you!!!

Seriously, Krystal. You would think a school system would think logically when they’re trying to teach it to the kids. These people are not thinking!

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