Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 10, 2008}   Something positive to look at

In all my haste about reporting what happened yesterday with Little Man at school I forgot to tell you all about another break through we had in house.

My MIL picks Princess up every weekend and sometimes Princess spends the night. You know, she needs that one-on-one attention sometimes and grandma is more  than happy to oblige.

Well, this past Saturday when Princess woke up at my MIL’s she did her usual, breakfast, tv, computer then she asked to go to the park. Since the park is only 5 minutes from my MIL’s house she said okay and took her there.

This is all per my MIL but Princess confirmed when she got home later that afternoon:
When they got to the park, a couple with their littel girl around the same age as Princess arrived at the park. The two girls saw each other and instantly clicked!

Little Girl came up to Princess and said Hi and Princess reciprocated with her own, Hi my name is Princess.

They played and played on the swings, the slides, they chased each other – they became instant friends!!!!

While the girls were playing my MIL and her parents were talking and they stated that they were so shocked as to how instantly the girls took to each other and that Little Girl had difficulty making friends. It seemed as if their prayers were answered.

My MIL reiterated the same sentiment as Princess has a hard time making and keeping friends and this was unusual for her as well but very gladly accepted.

They spoke about how Little Girl’s parents even sought guidance through their church and all the pastor said was to pray with her every night and God will provide (Tangent: Little known fact, I am Catholic and I am a strong believer, I just don’t write about it because I know religion makes some people uncomfortable. End Tangent). This is the same thing that MIL said she has spoken with the priest about at her church and he told her the same thing.

It seems as if fate has stepped in and provided a potential friendship for my daughter and another child as well!! I am so happy and when my MIL called me to tell me this, I was floored with disbelief and excitement at the possibilities that this friendship cold hold.

My MIL told me that she took the number of the couple so that we could arrange play dates for our girls. I was so happy to hear that bit of information as well. I began to imagine play dates and outings to the park where the girls would play and then become life long friends (I know I am stretching the future there a bit, but one can only hope right?)

Well, when Princess got home she ran to me and gave me the number and asked me if she could call Little Girl. I was hesitant, still to this day I have not called.

In all my excitement for Princess, my anxiety came over me about is this really real? Were the parents just being polite? Will this work since we don’t live in the same city (only about 15 minutes away)? Will they be accepting of me since I was not the one who spoke with them? Will they be understanding of my situation with my children (my MIL said she told them but she confuses me when she talks about them and they are my kids!)?

Well, I have made the decision to call them this week (yeah, it’s Wednesday and I still have not called, so shoot me!). I have that whole butterfly feeling in my stomach like when I was a kid and made my first phone call to a friend.

What is the worse that could happen? Scratch that – I don’t even want to think about it, you all know how my paranoid ass is – too many possibilities. I’ll just call, yes, I’ll call.

Can you dial the phone for me?


Mama Dawg says:

Unless they’re incredible liars, I’m sure that they’ll be happy to hear from you.

If not, come on downto MS and we’ll have margaritas and watch 8 Mile together!

pixiemama says:

Call! This is for Princess! (And congrats – good friends are hard to find)

Khadra says:

Krystal, I did the SAME thing recently. It took me three weeks to call and now Lizzie has a friend (which is difficult for her as well) and I have a friend. Call when you are ready, but what is the worst that could happen? If it doesnt work out, you never have to see these people again!

CALL!! And never doubt the power of prayer. Great story, Krystal! Best of luck to you and Princess!

jen says:

call! please call!

I’m going with the ‘Call’ votes. I’m so happy for Princess – Little Girl’s parents are probably just as nervous and excited as you are. Who knows, maybe YOU will make a lifelong friend too. 😉

Petra says:

Definitely call! It will be great, I am sure!

colepack says:

CALL would ya! You will never know until you know. you know!!!

“My name is Princess”: that, as they say, is priceless. My Wee Lass is in the Princess phase now (this week: Sleeping Beauty).


If I could solve the bandwidth problem, I’d reach through the cable and punch some numbers for ya!

(And I just noticed I am on your blogroll! Thank you! I needed that, the way my day went!)

halfasgoodasyou says:

I’ll call for you. Gimme the number. That’s great that she found a friend and so strange that they both have trouble finding friends but managed to instantly connect. It was meant to be! Call!

Jim @ IPR says:

Make the call. It will turn out well. It’s for Princess after all.

Oh, please call! Princess is so excited, it’s so worth the chance!
Dude, it’s snowing on your site. We live in Florida!

Send me the number and I’ll call for you. You’re totally picking up the LD bill though. Hey, your snow is accumulating down here. That’s a snow term.

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