Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 8, 2008}   The Wild Adventures of….

I have such an awesome story to tell you all! I mean it is one of my best. REALLY!

It has everything that you could imagine. I mean you all know how exciting my life is!

There is drama, romance, comedy, and action – dare I say action!

This story will keep you at the seat of your chair wondering what happened next. Heck, it had me going crazy all weekend. I was dying to rush in to work to write it up.

I mean I know exactly what I am going to write, how I am going to write it and all.

I am going to use such descriptive and colorful language, such as they use in those cheesy romance novels, you know where the writer writes all “Rolando enveloped her with every fiber of his pulsating muscular body while Carmela accepted his ravenous passion while biting her lip to the point of bursting from the pleasure that she was feeling in the most fathom and deepest parts of her porcelain covered body” Yeah – that descriptive I was going to be!!!

I mean this story is going to compete with all of those funny tales that the rest of the blog world has to offer. I mean this one is sure to get me more than 15 comments that are mostly my replies to others.

I am going to get recognized for my illustrious writing style and even be noticed by an editor and be asked to write free lance blog for a major web-site. These are my aspirations for this post, I know that they will come true!

Once I get picked up for a national blog you all will be so proud of me and cheer my praises to everyone you know and I will be even more popular and an award, a real shiny phallic looking award will be created just for me in my honor because how else could you recognize such a talent as mine?!?

In my acceptance speech I will of course recognize my family for giving my the fodder and content of my blog posts even though neither member of my family knows that this blog exists. I will also say my largest gratitude to the Sprite’s Keeper because she was the first blog I ever read and the first to ever respond to me. Then I would go on to Casey and Jenbo and Kia, and Khadra, and Heinous, and Goodfather, and …..I would get booted off the stage because I was taking too long but I do not finish my list there I continue…Captain Dumbass, Mary Anne, Sammanthia, and ….yes I will be awarded great praises and so much more!

With this success I am going ot make a name for all of our blogs and so without further-ado, my story…


After waiting almost 5 years for those words from him, after all the therapy and time coaching him to speak or just even utter the sound “mm”; during one of his mommy-therapist-feeding-speech sessions after I pointed at him and said “Angel Eyes” (of course I inserted his real name here) and pointed at his father and said ” Daddy” , I took his finger to point at me and before the sound came out of my mouth he said “Mommy”!!!

His smile and his face lit up. You could see the light of the world coming through him.

He was making a break through – he was coming out of his world! He was connecting with me, finally!!!

Tears filled my eyes as I grabbed him in my arms and ran around the house laughing and crying. I looked at him and I pointed at him and said his name, he pointed back at me and said “Mommy”. The two most wonderful syllables a mother could hear from her son who has been lost to our world for so long.

I will never forget that moment.

Today, he is back in his own world singing songs and forgetting that there are others around him and finding solace in the recessed corners of his mind but for just that one moment yesterday, he was here, he was in our world, in my world, and he knew he was here.

How amazing what just one word can do, “Mommy”


Khadra says:

Oh Krystal, Im sobbing.

No joke.

That is the best thing I have heard in a long time.

Khadra says:

you know, Gage is not in the same place Angel Eyes is, but he is quite delayed. It wasnt until recently he understood what mama/mommy meant. I think I almost died when he finally called me mama. I think this is why your post has me crying like a baby.

Krystal says:

Khadra- it’s the little things that count right? Thanks for sharing in my emotion on this one! MWAH!

colepack says:

that is awesomesauce!!!!

pixiemama says:

I’m so happy for you! Hello, Angel Eyes!

What an amazing moment that must have been for you! My heart was beating so fast when I was reading your story! I am so happy for you!

Krystal, I am so glad I don’t wear make up. Easier clean up. So proud of him! And so proud of you!

Krystal says:

Carrie – so much awesomesauce!!

Pixie – I still am in shock

Heather – my heart races as I read the post again and remember the scene. Please make sure you cherish all the little steps with Claire, they are so precious that sometimes they go unnoticed.

Jen – Thank you! We couldn’t be prouder – my husband was smiling so much which is a difficult feat in itself for him.

Jenni says:

Krystal, that is absolutely fantastic. Just marvelous. You’ve made my day.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Oh Krystal, that’s amazing. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes… I’m so glad AE had a breakthrough!

Keely says:

That is the best story I’ve read in a long long time – way better then those cheesy romances! I’m so happy for you!

Jim @ IPR says:

That is fantastic! I am so happy for you and your family 🙂

Oh hon, I’m so happy for you! And for him. And you made me cry. It’s ok if the band starts playing before you get to me.

vodkamom says:

okay. so that Totally made me cry! I am so very , very happy for that lovely moment.

sending you *hugs*

I am so happy for you!! A good friend of mine has an autistic baby and he is making a ton of progress and it started much the same way…he said one word, then another, then another. Lots of backsliding but lots of forward movement too. I am thrilled for you!


That made my morning! I could feel the joy radiating from the screen. Thank you for that, and blessings to you and your family!

Irish Gumbo

Krystal says:

Thank you everyone!! This is a truly amazing time in our house, although brief – it is a big step forward for him.

Mama Dawg says:

Oh, wow. My heart is aching (with happiness) for you right now.

Wow! What a beautiful moment – I am so, so happy for you! Here’s to many more ‘Mommy’s’ on the way!

Cat says:

I am so happy for you.

awe!! *tear*.. how awesome is that.. I think I could hear your heart burst when I read that.. how wonderful!

That is so awesome! I can’t imagine waiting so long to hear those words and finally hearing them! Wow!

This is so exciting for you and you should receive accolades and awards and anything else!


That’s amazing. How wonderful for you and for him.

Momo Fali says:

Ack! Tears here! Lots of them. I am very happy for you.

Allinole says:

That is so wonderful. I am happy for you. 🙂

Krystal says:

You guys are all kinds of wonderful and so much more!!!

Petra says:

That is so incredible and I know how incredible it really is because I worked with autistic children doing ABA for four years and that is no small feat!

I am crying bountiful tears of joy for you and your family right now!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment!

Anndi says:

Your love and dedication has paid off. Truly wonderful.

Michelle says:

First time on your blog and you went and made me cry! Congratulations!!! What an amazing story!

The Captain sailed me here and I’m so glad! I loved this post – I could feel your delight. Angel Eyes loves you.

Ryan says:

What a cool first post to read by you. thanks to Captain Dumbass for linking your blog 🙂

Big Time congrats on the moment an early Christmas present for you all.

When I think about the crap I worried about this week…I’m ashamed. This was beautiful.

Laufa says:

Yes that is an amazing, wonderful, tear jerking story. Thanks for sharing it.

Lori says:

First time here and you made me cry. What a wonderful moment for you that you will never forget. I’m thankful that you got this moment. I’m very thankful that I was directed to come here as I was very blessed in reading this.

jen says:

i came here from somewhere…
i never remember.

but … that was the most beautiful thing. and is the one thing that i most LOVE about my job.

helping children say words. helping families communicate. the smallest words are often the most absolute meaningful.

i see it often. (and for that i am so thankful) … but in all honesty … it gets me straight through my heart each and every time. once those doors are opened for the first time … your odds increase significantly that they will open more often. good luck in this journey. i’m so happy that your glimpse was this beautiful. you didn’t need the words to make it anymore descriptive. thanks.

Paula says:

Oh, what a great, great story! This is my first visit.

lrlwreath says:

First time visitor but you have me crying here (in a good way). Merry Christmas Mommy!

Robin says:

Beautiful – just amazing.

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