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{December 5, 2008}   Spin Cycle Friday: Holiday Newsletter

As the Holidays approach, it is a time to sit back on reflect on what has happened this year and reflect on the changes and great things that have come our way. Through the luck of technology and the Internet I can bypass all of the labor of printing, folding, stuffing, and licking envelopes to send out the 2008 newsletter, I just have to link it up to the Spin Cycle hosted by Jen over at Sprite’s Keeperand be linked up with all my bloggy friends!!


JANUARY: The start of 2008 came with a bang! After such a large New Year’s party in our winter home in Vale, Colorado we headed home so the children can return to school. As our luck would have it, upon return to school, we were notified that Princess was doing so well in school that she was being honored with a Reader’s achievement award!!! We were so proud of her, we can truly see a blooming child in her!

FEBRUARY:This month was full of so many wonderful blessings!  It was confirmed that we were to be expecting our sixth child!! The smiles and congratulations poured in from friends and family all across the world! We even got a call from my 8th uncle thrice removed, Roberto Cavalli, who said that we would not have to worry about clothes for our little angel, he was going to design him / her a one of a kind wardrobe! I could not have expected anything less, he has always been so generous with our family.

MARCH:I received a promotion to Executive Director of Finance in my company!! This meant a large bonus and increase in salary. Thanks to this we were finally able to finish the renovations on our home in Monte Carlo and put a down payment on our home in Greece! You are all welcome to visit once those renovations are complete in Greece as well. Of course I will fly you all first class!! Little Man got the lead in his class’s end of the year production. He was to play the Mighty King of Pre-school – practices started early and he was ready for the challenge!

APRIL:  Baby Boy turned 1!!!! yes, we cannot believe how fast time has flown.  We celebrated his birthday with all the style and flare as we have with every other child. We booked up the Bank Atlantic Center and had the Wiggles perform for all of the children and after the concert we all returned to Signature Grand Ballrooms for a celebration to include cake, music, games, sensory centers for when the children became overwhelmed with the stimulation. All in all it was a great day to celebrate the 1st birthday of our youngest child.

MAY: It’s a Girl!! We got confirmation of the sex of our newest arrival to come and oh boy was my husband excited!! We had tried so long for a little girl and finally our prayers were answered. Upon hearing the news, he jumped in the car and headed over to the local baby boutique and wiped them clean! I have never seen so many things for little girls crammed into a Range Rover in my life!! It was so bad that he needed the help of Jeeves, our butler to just get out of the driver side door!! This was too funny for words to express!!! He was truly excited. Sneaky Monkey finally said his first sentence!!! “Mommy, I want milk!” Of course this was a mile stone in itself. We had anticipated this for so long that nothing was able to remove the smiles from our faces.

JUNE: School came to a stop and we had to plan for our vacation. We whisked ourselves away for some quality family time to the coast of Cannes, France and spent our days lazying on the beach. It was at this first time that Angel Eyes experienced sand between his toes. You should have all seen the smiles on his face. He could not stop digging his little footsies into the sand and laughing stomach splitting laughs.

JULY: The fourth of July was spectacular!! We spent it on our yacht down in Key West and watched the sun set. Seeing as the children do not like too much stimulation, we decided to forgo the fireworks and spent the entire night watching movies until we all fell asleep in the cabin bed together. These are the cherished times!

AUGUST: We have just finished putting  the final touches on our home in Greece. It is going to be a perfect place to spend Christmas in. Of  course by the time you receive this we will be in Greece and you will be packing your bags to join us! Remember, I promised first class all the way.  Ahh, the beginning of yet another school year! Angel Eyes & Sneaky Monkey are remaining in their Autism Pre-school class as last year. They love it there! Little Man is entering Kindergarten and Princess is entering the 1st grade!! We could not be any happier. Baby Boy will remain at home with daddy as always and will participate in the many therapies and services that will get him to where he needs to be. 

SEPTEMBER: Baby Boy took his first steps!!! all on his own too!!! We were at Jimmy Choos shopping and he was getting fussy so I went to take him out of his stroller to sit him on my lap but as I unbuckled his strap heleaned towards me and took his first steps!!!! This of course guaranteed him an awesome pair of diamond studded sneakers. He is so totally worth it!

OCTOBER: Tiny Dancer is born!!! As Hubby and I were attending a benefit for autism awareness and my water broke! I was so excited whereas Hubby shouted- “I just spent $400 on those heels!! Now they are ruined!!!” (You would have expected that from me right?) After a surprise C-Section, she blessed this world and Uncle Roberto was not far behind to greet me at the hospital with the first set of Baby Clothes!! Man that old man gets around fast!!

NOVEMBER: Princess turned the big, 7! She was begging for a princess themed birthday party so of course we had to oblige. We contacted the Disney Imagineers and they created this wonderful birthday party decorationsand all. The dresses that were given to all the little girls were priceless!! They truly did look like Princesses. Also this was the first year that I attempted to cook a Thanksgiving Day Turkey. As you all know I am perfect at everything that I do except for this, I sent 45 of my 50 guests to the hospital with severe stomach pains. Note to self: Next year resume catering.

DECEMBER: This brings us to where we are now. We are in Greece awaiting the last of our family and friends to get here. Currently Captain Dumbass is passed out on the private beach from all that Ouzo and Supreme Leader is yelling at him to get up because the Monkeys have taken the Jet Ski out onto the water. The Steenky Bee is dancing up a storm over in the ball room while Henry looks on with awe at the skills his mother has. Stiletto Mom is graciously taking pictures of the locals on the other private beach in their thongs. We can’t seem to get the camera away from her! Sprite’s Keeper is chasing little Sprite around the garden in her little vehicle because she has accosted Blue and Jen is fearing for her dog’s life. Casey is working out in the gym while Jamie just watches her and screams “Oh Yeah!” – Elliot and Graham are wondering why. Heinous is trying to convince his wife that he really should be Pope and book a flight first thing to the Vatican City in Rome. Goodfather is busy erecting shrines all around the grounds as Sammanthia continues screaming at her sons that the marble statues in the maze are no place to practice base jumping.

All in all it has been a wonderful year and I hope that this update finds you all in the best of health and happiness surrounds you. Make it a good one to the end and an even better one next year!


Love this so much! Every month better than the last!
(Little known secret, I got married at the Signature Grand, when it was still pink. In fact, I think the directions said to look for the pink building off of 595.)
You are linked!

Jenni says:

haha, great post. Glad to know six children aren’t cramping your jet-setting, high class life style, lol!

Casey says:

Awesome spin! So I’m wondering why we didn’t get an invite to the Wiggles themed birthday party? I think you might have mistaken me for someone else though, I haven’t been in workout mode all week. Hasay be damned, sick kids win out every time! I’m glad to see you’re living such a lavish lifestyle, who knew?

kirsty815 says:

LMAO at December! Too funny! You rock girl.


DANG YOU! I don’t why people keep doing this to me (I’m quite gullible), I read thinking, “WOW, my life SUCKS compared this person fabulousness!” and it isn’t until I’m halfway through the post I realize it’s a big joke. Harumph.

colepack says:

For a bit……. you had me!!!! hee hee

Khadra says:

I would like to come stay with you in Greece. Love Greek food.

This was hilarious!!

At first I was like “WOW….Robert Cavalli….” I am such a sucker. Thanks for the invite to Greece. I promise to get the best thong pictures on my beach outing. 🙂

Krystal says:

Jen – I love that place! So very pretty and yes, it is still pink.

Jenni – never! That is what nannies are for!

Casey – you so totally would have been invited, I just had not begun blogging then. I will make it up – for TD’s 1st B-day we are having the imagination movers! (Yeah, I know, I need to lead new pics of her, I got your message on that!)

Kirsty – hy thank you! You are all kinds of awsomesauce too!

Sammanthia – okay, like, yeah, that would really be my life – not even if I had money would that be my life. I wouldn’t mind the house in Greece though.

Carrie – wow you people are gullible! LOL

Khadra – you are so totally welcome – I’ll send you your plane ticket, when do you want to show up?

Mary Anne – I could expect no less! (about the pictures, not the sucker thing)

Jim @ IPR says:

What a year! We should make Greece an annual event.

Krystal says:

Heinous – you are so totally going to come every year!

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