Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 3, 2008}   Why do they have to be so darned cute?

I mean come on!!

First they send us stark raving mad when they throw the toys against the wall that cause the neatly and perfectly arranged candles on the shelves on the other side of the wall to fall crashing onto the floor.

Then they add to the insanity when they chase each other screaming through the living room and you fear for their safety as they inch ever so close to the turtle tank corner that is in that already too tight space that they cannot seem to understand needs to be approached slowly.

And how about the time that they were so busy paying attention to the TV that instead of actually placing their cup in their mouth, they miss the mark and spill chocolate milk all over their white school uniform shirt only 3 minutes before we need to walk out the door.

Oh yeah! and that time that they yell in front of the whole school office, “I hate this school you stupid mommy!”

Why do they have to go and  be so darned adorable and cute after all of that? I mean, it is really annoying because you cannot stay mad at them.

Just like last night, I had finished feeding Tiny Dancer and it was around 3am. I walked into the living room to make sure all was okay,. Well, I see Little Man sleeping on the couch so I go to place his blanket on him, he wakes up and looks at me and smiles. I tell him to go back to sleep. He says "Okay Mommy." Then as I walk to my room, he follows closely behind me (I didn’t hear him, kid walks on air I swear!) and tucks himself into my bed. He creeps closer to me, puts his arm around me and says “I Love You Mommy.” Smiles, and goes back to sleep. How cute right?!?!

Then this morning, Sneaky Monkey was doing his usual shadow routine while I was in the kitchen and he was following me everywhere. But this time it was a bit different. Instead of his usual jobber jabber about nothing and words that make no sense he was saying this: “Alligator, Bear, Cow, Dinosaur, Elephant, Fish, Giraffe….” He was naming animals but not just naming animals, he was naming animals in alphabetical order!!! I mean is this amazing or what? For a 3 year old little boy to do this in my mind was amazing!!!

I just hope I remember these bouts of cuteness when they are screaming and destroying my house this evening.

Why can’t they be this cute all the time?


Khadra says:

the cute-ness is there so we dont run away and never tell anyone where we went.

spriteskeeper says:

The cuteness is so we have something to remember when they’re screaming and crying in our ears.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Aww, that is cute. I’m not sure how they can possess such cuteness and then be the total opposite. It baffles me.

pixiemama says:

They call that “survival of the fittest.” Without the cuteness, we might start eating our young.

pixiemama says:

What the heck is up with these strange bloggy creatures in your comments section? I’m trying to get away from the green blobby look over here!

Krystal says:

Khadra – I figured something like that. Darn it! No escape route!

Jen – Aha, I see you have had much experience with this cuteness as well then?

Casey – Sherlock Holmes couldn’t even solve this mystery!

Pixiemama – I like survival of the fittest, I don’t know if I could eat my young, too much sass. (You don’t like the creatures? I think yours is too cute!)

Danette says:

LOL, I kwym, the cuteness has a way of diffusing the wrath of mom at our house too :). Luckily for three certain cute boys… 😉

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