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{December 2, 2008}   Pity party over

Well okay, I just got over my pity party because I know that there are people out there that are a hell of alot worse off than I am.

It just sucks though that the Holidays are so damned freaking commercialized that the idea of just spending time with the family and enjoying the good things in life pretty much sucks donkey-d!ck to most people. It is all about what are you getting me and how much did it cost?

I hated the thought of thinking that when my daughter would return to school that when the other little girls in her class would compare present earnings that she would have nothing to say. Yes, that is how bad things are this year, we might not be able to do the whole present thing.

The reason why though is because my ass of a boss has not given me the raise I was promised. He complains about money but yet he continues to go on shopping sprees and allowing his wife to shop till she drops and then the company pays the credit card bills!!!

How about this? How about turning in that brand new BMW you just bought your 16 year old daughter and get her a Hyundai. Have your wife stop driving the Hummer around and spending so much on gas!!! Maybe even stop spending over $600 every 2 weeks at Cosco and claim that it is for Shabbas or whatever it is that you do on Friday nights. (If you are Jewish, I am not knocking you, I know there are big meals that you have on Friday nights)  Maybe if you stop spending so much money you wouldn’t have to pay so many personal charges on the credit card with the company money and requesting that I mark it as office expenses!

This is the reason why I couldn’t get my raise, why I most likely will not get any sort of bonus and why I am fearful of my status in this job because it seems as if this company is not going to be around much longer. I should know! I do the books!!!

Now I am not going to feel pity for myself because like I said, there are others that are worse off but I am going to be angry because I have to rely on someone who does not know what the hell he is doing, should not even be in this business, to give me the money that I won’t have to buy presents.

I will do what I can, shuffle money here, request extensions there but I don’t think that I should have to because the money that has been owed to me for over 6 months will be the money paying for his kids’s Hanukkah presents!

Jenni says:

Oh, I hear ya. Having to take time off from working during the holidays has been tough on us. Luckily our little one (soon to be ones!) are too little to know the difference.

I hope things work out!

Krystal says:

@Jenni – thanks!

Krystal says:

(Did I just reply in Twitter form? OMG!! I need a break!)

halfasgoodasyou says:

Man that sucks. I’ve always hated cheap employers who live the good life while their employees are scrimping to make ends meet. I’m sorry you’re in that situation Krystal. I hope things get better soon!

I’m vested in January and then the job hunt is ON!! I hope the economy picks up fast, so we can BOTH look for new bosses!!

Hugs, girlfriend!

Khadra says:

I hope you get the money you deserve. I understand your situation. I have juggled all the already juggled and behind bills so we could buy some gifts. It will be a lean Christmas for the kids. The three older ones all have about the same and the baby has a lot less because he doesnt know the difference yet. Money just sucks.

Petra says:

I’m right there with ya honey. My hubby and I are still trying to figure out how we are going to swing Christmas this year. And yesterday Big Boy asked for a Wii as his “big present.” I’m all “big present?” We can’t even afford JUSt a Wii right now!

But, Christmas is really about love and family, and if you concentrate on that, it will be wonderful no matter what!

goodmum says:

I’d be pissed too. Rant away!

Praying to the Tiki Gods for money to come your way! (I have some. They’re supposed to help. Supposed to.) 🙂

Party? I missed a party?? Oh.

I feel your pain. I don’t get business owners that are irresponsible with their company’s finances. That should be illegal in addition to wrong.

When I look back on my own Christmases, I remember things like the lights on the tree, and reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ with my Dad. I’d be hard-pressed to remember any specific gift. I’m hoping it will be like this for our girls, or we’re in big trouble… 😀

Krystal says:

Casey – cheap is not the word!!

Heather – there must be a change coming soon. Can you believe that finally yesterday the govt admitted that we have been in a recession since Dec. 2007?

Khadra – thank God for the innocence of littlebabies!!

Petra – yeah we have “the Big gift” requests too. It also sucks that most of the birthdays are around the Holidays in my house!

Kia – that is why I heart you!

Jen – for real? Tiki gods help? I just have the candles for the Saints. I think I need to get me some Tiki gods!

Goodfather – not much of a party if you ask me. Yeah, fond memories of Christmas past. I am glad that you try and keep the traditions going; your girls will definitely remember.

kirsten says:

One thing we’ve always done for Christmas is find a really ugly gift from the dollar store and passed it around the family each year. I got the glass frog and fish vase last year and will be happily passing it on this year.

We’ve always done one big gift and a few little ones, but try to make it more about spending time together whether it’s baking cookies or doing christmas crafts.

I definitely feel your pain! We’ve had to borrow money from parents and put a little away to even think about Christmas. Already told family they’re getting homeade cookies this year.

Krystal says:

Kirsty – that sounds like such a cool idea!!! Itwould not take too long for the ugly gift to get to me – our family is limited to my huby, me, the kids, and my in-laws. Can we say small?

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