Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 1, 2008}   Update on Baby Alex

This is the latest I got from Lori, Alex’s autn – She wrote this on the 26th of November but I am just getting to posting it now.

ok now keep in mind “i am not a doctor” i hope i get this right and all u guys can understand it!!!

they are classifing him as a STAGE 2…….there is an A and B………We are all a  little confused as to which one but from what i read “A” is much better…..that would mean that there are no NB cells in the the lymph nodes….

the chemo that they are starting today will run for 3 consecutive days…..a combo of 4 different meds……..

keep your fingers crossed............this is the chemo

they are suppose to go for 4 sessions,they will get a 3 or 4 week break in between sessions, but they will check after 2 and see if the tumor is responding……….if they think they can remove it after 2 sessions they will and our little man will be cancer free……..if not they will continue the chemo………..

we are still waiting on the LOH testing to  be complete and that could still be a couple of weeks……i am not sure what that test is for but the oncologist said depending on those results the treatment may change…….

ALEX IS SLEEPING RIGHT NOW LIKE THE ANGEL BABY THAT HE IS….HE IS 8 POUNDS 3 OUNCES!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY MOLEY!!! GROWIN LIKE A WEED….i took him for a walk around floor and he held his head straight up and was checkin out all the lights then let out a big cry!!  he sounds like a real baby now….i love newborn cries but damn if they are not deceiving!!  he has some set of lungs….let me tell you!!!!

thanks again for every single thought and prayer!!!!!  we still need them so please do not stop yet!!!!

auntie lori

Please keep the prayers going for this little guy!

bright eyed!!!


Khadra says:

aww he is a cutie. Thanks for updating.

such a sweet baby…prayers and thoughts!

Casey says:

Thanks for the update, I was wondering. That is one cute kid….

Keep us in the know so we can keep him in our prayers!

kirsty says:

Awwww bless! That breaks my heart he has to go through that, he’s definitely in our prayers.

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