Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{December 1, 2008}   Credit Counseling needed?

Well, you know how most people in this wonderful country of ours have horriblewonderful credit? And the television is overwhelmed by those commercials for credit counseling services that are meant to rob you blindhelp you solve your financial issues? Well, in my little neck of the woods, these commercials last more than the regular programming and have even infiltrated the children’s programming channel (yeah, I’, calling you out PBS Kids Sprout!). Apparently there are millions of 3, 4, 5, and 6 year olds with credit issues. I mean come on parents, how can we let our kids get into debt so early in age?!? Oh, this is not a problem in your house? You have taught your child the wise ways of financial planning with Sesame Street and Monopoly? Good job!!! Well, the funny thing is that although my children are not suffering the same credit woes that your children have avoided but others face every day, they do pay very close attention to those commercials. Primarily my precocious little 3 year old. Yeap, Sneaky Monkey, the one who is gluteous-challenged.

You see, he memorizes what is on the TV like you could not imagine! Everything he sees he remembers and he can anticipate what is coming and what is going to be said while you are still trying to process what he said before. This even includes commercials!!!

Last night while I was changing his diaper, he was watching Angelina the Ballerina on PBS Sprout shouting “Angelina! Angelina!” and when it was over, a commercial for a credit counseling service came on and within the first 2 seconds he said “Are you hassled by your credit?” BEFORE the actor said it!!!

I was like what?!?! Then he continued to follow the commercial ver-batum! I was amazed at this.

Then he continued after the commercial was over, “Are you hassled by your credit?”

So if you ever need to know who to call for credit counseling, let me know!


colepack says:

Dude…. that is sooo worng. Not cool on a kids show!

Carrie says:

Dang! You need to teach him that those things are just a rip off anyway.

Great post!

Khadra says:

Do you remember when they didnt do commercials AT ALL on those channels? And then they started to sneak up on you. First McDonalds, and then Fisher Price and before you know it they were advertising mostly to US! Pisses me off.

Lizzie used to memorize and say all the lines in all the commercials too. Amazing! However ask her where she put her shoes….

Thank goodness for Playouse Disney and commercial free shows!

Hahaha!!! That is hilarious!! Here we have a commercial for a firm that pays you cash for your structured settlements, and the footage is a bunch of people staring at the TV screen and screaming, “It’s my money and I need it NOW!!” Well, Logan caught on to that commercial too and he loves to run around screaming, “It’s my money and I MEED it NOW!” So maybe between yours and mine we have a couple of future tycoons on our hands!

I’m sorry, but that is just too cute!!!

Cute. Scary cute. Heinous’ son knows the ad. It’s like an epidemic.

Debbie says:

When did they start advertising on PBS? Kids should only repeat the bad things we say – not TV commercials.

Casey says:

Ha, that’s hilarious! I guess getting out of credit debt is better than asking for some sugary cereal, no?

He should be giving you a hot stock tip or something.

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