Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 28, 2008}   Just shoot me!!

Most of you don’t know this but I returned to work. Yes I did and I am not proud of it.

But what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t sacrifice myself in order to make money so that when my children wake up on Christmas morning they do not feel like the paupers that they are and for one day (actually the whole fucking year!) feel like little spoiled rotten brats blessed angels.

Why do I want to get shot you ask?

Well, you all remember how yesterday was Thanksgiving and we all sat down around our dining room tables, trying not to find the quickest way to murder enjoying our families and saying thanks for all that we are thankful for while we reach for the wine bottles to drown out the pain and misery of this horrendous ordeal

Well, today I am back at work because of course my boss is expecting this giant influx of people to come rushing through our doors to go ahead and remodel their kitchens and bathrooms!

I can see it now, the people are lining up around the corner , fighting over the best parking spaces! Look, I even see a few celebrities that are crawling on their hands and knees for a unique one of a kind kitchen designed right here!!!

Oh wait!

nope, it’s just the wind blowing and the trees rustling as I watch the cars drive by our doors and on their way to the local malls.

Can I go home now?

SECOND. And I also SECOND what the good Captain says.

Krystal says:

Captain and Goodfather – I know!! There is no way he is letting me go home early, he is out with is buddies and his wif is shopping. Our designers left because they are not on salary so they don’t have to stay but me – I’m still here!! Ugh!!!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Ha, sorry you had to work today. I’d love to remodel my kitchen and bathroom if it would give you something to do. There’s just the whole “convincing Jamie” part to worry about.

Did you get to go home early?

Heinous says:

Darn, commented too late to dismiss you early.

Krystal says:

Casey – yeah, that would be a big part of it but I could so totally design an awesome kitchen and bath for you! I might not be a designer but the designers here always ask for my opinion and usually go with it.

Jen – nope!!! I was here unitl 5:30pm!!! Ugh!

Heinous – thanks, it is the thought that counts!

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