Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 24, 2008}   Spin Cycle: Thankful

I don’t know if the awesomesauceness of Sprite’s Keeper wants us to get all mushy-gushy this time during the Spin Cycle (wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the Spin Cycle? Isn’t the Spin Cycle on your washer machine supposed to get the water out and spin spin spin your clothes to an inch of it’s life to ensure proper drying and no drips onto the floor in transport to the dryer? No? Oh maybe that’s just my thought of it) ANYWAYS….

I actually have a lot to be thankful for this year and many of you are witness-so-to-speak to the largest part of it so I’ll start off there…

* I am thankful for the newest addition to my family. A happy, healthy, and lovely little girl who is the apple of her daddy’s eye; the joy in her sister’s heart; the doll for her oldest brother and the noisy thing in the corner of mommy’s room to her other 3 brothers. To her mommy, she is her little miracle and her Tiny Dancer.

* I am thankful that for the fist time in a long time it seems like I will actually have a some money during Christmas. Although we are struggling, I think that this year might be better than last year.

* I am thankful that we have been able to get all those items that we need for our family to make it and thrive as we have this year.

* I am thankful for all of the therapists that have come in to our lives this year after fighting and praying and searching for 2 years to get my children their much needed and underprovided therapies.

* I am thankful that I was able to throw away a large garbage bag of broken toys and “dead” toys yesterday and my children still have toy boxes full to the brim. This means that they are spoiled and don’t want for anything (of course for that occasional toy that we always give in to)

* I am thankful that my husband has stood by me through all of my attitudes, hormonal changes, bitch-fests, and so much more that I could not and still cannot blame on being pregnant because let’s face it, I’m just that bad.

* I am thankful for all of YOU my bloggy world friends. You do not judge or criticise me and I am not afraid to actually be myself here without fear of making a fool of myself.

* I am thankful for this whole experience because it has taught me more about myself and that I can change and be that  person that I want to be.

* I am thankful for second, third, fourth, and fifth chances at trying to improve myself

* Most of all, I am thankful that I have spent another year of my life with those people that matter most and those that have crossed my path in a negative way have walked into the darkness of the shadows while the good things stay in front of me in the light.

May all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday full of love, joy, happiness, and most of all family!


Petra says:

Isn’t it just wonderful to be thankful?

Casey says:

Very nice list my dear. When you said “I am thankful for second, third, fourth, and fifth chances at trying to improve myself,” I thought you were going to say you were thankful for the chances to comment. Then I realized you’re not as juvenile as the rest of us.


This is exactly why I picked this topic, Krystal! Wonderful Spin, you’ve got me in tears and I’m positive your family is SO thankful for you! You’re linked!

Khadra says:

aww! Happy Thanksgiving Krystal!

TOP 5!!!!

Awesome list. I wish you the very best Thanksgiving imaginable.

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