Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 21, 2008}   Songs that just stay in your head

Khadra says:

why did I click on those? what are you trying to do to us?

Krystal says:

LOL!! This was primarily for Casey’s sake but heck, innocent bystanders are welcome too!

LOL! I love ‘I’m a Believer’, the Shrek vid is so funny.

Oh, I guess I’m an ‘innocent bystander. 😀

Happy Friday!

Casey says:

I refuse to click again, I’m still singing the PB&J song from earlier. Nice try, chicky.

You are so right!! Logan has a playlist on my iPod, and he’s always telling me to “play a movie song, mama!!” I don’t have that Happy Feet song, but I’m totally going to download it right now!!!

Sammanthia says:

I knew all of em without having to click except the first one, which is funny because Ryerson has been singing it all week! I’m glad I had the volume turned down, otherwise he would have been all, “What’s that! Iliketomoveitmoveit,Iliketomoveitmoveit.”
It would have driven me nuts… trust me, I know. It already has.;)

Thank goodness I read the comments before clicking on the links! Whew! Dodged a bullet there!

Katie says:

Thanks for checking out my blog & Congratulations on your new little one!!
Now I’m going to be singing ‘I like to Move It’ all night, lol. Thanks. It’s kind of embarassing that I like that movie as much as my kids.

debbie says:

You are a cruel woman! All night I will hear these.

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