Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 21, 2008}   Reminders of my bloggy world

Today, the morning was a typical morning of dropping off the kids but everywhere I turned I was reminded of my bloggy world. So exciting.

The first thing that I was reminded of was the wonderful song that entranced the mind of the dear Captain Dumbass. I was driving along and one of the local radio stations was doing their usual Friday Morning Mix and in the mix his song was playing. I just smiled and bopped my head along thinking to myself, the Captain would really enjoy this!

As I continued to dance along in the car, I got this urge for coffee! I mean I needed it and BAD!! This made me think of the dear Casey who has been battling her own demons of Coffee Addiction. I walked into the Starbucks and breathed in a nice whiff of that aromatic smell and waited for Casey to walk in – of course she never did – she was at a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts a few hours north of me. Oh well.

As I continued to drive on, I stopped at a stop light and saw parents dropping their children off at Day Care. This reminded me of how Jen spoke about Sprite and her separation routine at her own day care. Aww, children truly are little angels aren’t they?

As I neared my house, I was witness to a car accident. Nothing horrible, you know – just a typical fender bender but somehow it reminded me of the tragedy that is the Steenky Bee’s hair. How Jenbo has attempted to find different ways to tame the scene that she claims is horrific (honestly, I like all the curls, makes me kinda jealous because mine are less defined than hers).

Finally, as I pulled into my house, I realized the world that I would be walking into, knowing that like Kia‘s Little Man, my Little Man was already having a morning and not being in school for him today was not making it any easier. I say a little prayer before I turn the key and walk back into reality.

Hey Captain: This one is for you!


halfasgoodasyou says:

OH NO, you got me! I can’t get that stupid song out of my head for weeks every time I hear it. I hit play, completely unaware that it was the evil PB&J song.
Actually, I skipped DD and Starbucks today and headed to McD’s instead. Shhhh.

Jim @ IPR says:

I love these posts. They’re so fun.

You totally rock, Krystal!

goodmum says:

🙂 This is so sweet that you think of so many of us during the course of your day. Even if it IS bad. 😉

Krystal says:

Casey – ha!! It’s stuck in my head too! LOL

Heinous – I’m glad you enjoyed! That is my whole goal in life!

Jen – I know, but thanks anyways 😉 LOL

Kia – Hey, we take the bad with the good right? (Weird, I had to accept your comment even though I have comment moderation off – very weird)

LOL! I KNEW it was going to be the PB&J song, heheh. Awesome post!

That’s just cruel.

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