Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 20, 2008}   Caution: It is going around! Save yourselves!

This no writing – writer’s block crap is spreading like the flu! I swear!

First off it was the Captain with nothing to say. Instead he rambled on and on about how he hated reality TV because of course he had to write something since he decided to participate in that hellish of a task requiring him to post once a day – I swear, can I say over achiever there? Yeah, I can!

Then this epidemic took a flight from Canada and landed over at Carrie’s Colepack leaving her with nothing to write about! I mean come on- this poor woman has been suckered into this no-nonsense Now Blow Me thing (yeah, I changed the name! so sue me!) – she began rambling about Tallahassee then her jealousy of Casey and then something about a running beoch before finally admitting she had nothing.

Once this case of the no-writing-ideas-for-the-sake-of-Now-Blow-Me left Carrie, it went straight over to Heinous and hit him where it hurts the most! His commenting abilities. He felt so affected by the brain farts of not being able to comment that he had to write about it. This is starting to get serious!!! I mean everyone, be very careful this plague could hit you next!!! Is all I could think to myself.

It left HEinous and went straight for Goodfather. This damn thing is relentless!! I mean come on – he is even dressing up like a pirate and holding Elmo hostage!!! Poor little red guy, an innocent bystander.

Then, like a bat outta hell it hopped down to South Florida and attacked me!

What is this? I mean come on! I always have something to write about. I have children for crikey’s sake! I should have so many stories to share about bumps and bruises and outbursts and cuteness but I got nothing! NADA! Zip! Zilch!

I’ve got the worst case of the OMG!! I am blank syndrome anyone can imagine!!

How long is this going to last?

Am I going to need an intervention?

What about an Intravenous solution of bloggy creativity?

Has there been a cure for this found?

Has someone set up a charity yet to find the source and attack this ailment quick? (What would be a good name for it? the bloggy blues foundation? nope – too boring, The Now-Blow-Me Blank Slate Epidemic Foundation?)

Oh gosh, now I am rambling!








Writer’s block is the worst, isn’t it!! I hope you get your mojo back soon!

Ha ha ha! You NAILED it!! I SO felt this way last night, heh. I was hoping Elmo would help, but kept saying stuff like, ‘Elmo LOVES you!’ and ‘Elmo needs to go potty!’ No help at all.

Thanks for the link!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Man, I’ve got it too. I usually post every day but the pressure of HAVING too is killing me. Oh, and of course, keeping up with your blogs but I already whined about that yesterday.


Krystal says:

Heather – me too!

Goodfather – yeah, that darned Elmo never shuts up! Duct tape doesn’t even help! and you are very welcome!

Casey – why not a picture essay of your work out routine? You know the one that you are supposed to be keeping up with for HASAY? Yeah, get off the computer and get back to working out!

Jen – I am clean! I took a shower yesterday!

Hey, I told Colepak this yesterday. Head over to my blog and look for a Post called a A Shallow, Yet Well Intentioned, Plea for Help. There are a ton of topics in it. I’m going to put them all somewhere for people to use as they want but if it helps you right now, go for it!

Krystal says:

Mary Anne – can anyone call you a life saver? No? You don’t like being referred to a piece of fruit candy? Okay, how about Wonder Woman?

Heinous says:

LOL…this post is awesome. We need an anti-virus app to make sure this doesn’t continue. Where’s superman when you need him?

debbie says:

Why isn’t there a pill or something we can take? Or, maybe we have taken too many and that is what has landed us in this situation.

Sass says:

Great post! You write really well for someone with a block. 🙂

Krystal says:

Heinous – Superman is on hiatus remember? Gees, you were the Private-I on that one and you already forgot?

Debbie – pills? I dunno, I’ve been taking so many pills lately I don’t know if a new one will work – it just might have some adverse reaction, you know like correcting my mood – oooh, that sounds like a good idea! but you’re right, it might have been what landed us here in the first place!

Sass – why thank you hun!

Petra says:

Oh man, I had some serious writer’s block a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, Heinous helped me get out of it, but it was rough for a while there! What I eventually did was stopped thinking about it all together and just waited for inspiration to strike.

Thank God it worked…

I know it’s mean, but I’m sort of enjoying all the posts about having nothing to post about. I really though it wouldn’t happen until next week. This NABLOPLAMBO thing is tough for all those playing along. I still don’t understand the whole thing, but what I DO know, that it has given me at least one post idea.

This is SO my first and last NaBlow.

kirsty815 says:

Shoot they make meds for everything else they must make one for Writer’s block right? I need to get some meds for this writer’s block thing ASAP!!!!


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