Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 19, 2008}   Holy S-bomb!

Okay I don’t know if the lack of sleep is getting to me or what but I am about to go nuts at night!

You see, the other night at around 3am I just finished feeding the baby and turned off the TV.

I was facing her bassinet and closing my eyes to fall asleep when I hear “PSST!”

It was so close that I could feel the breath of whomever said it on my ear so I literally jump out of bed ( you should see the dent I left in the ceiling!) and turn around to scream at my child who decided it was fun to scare mommy at 3am and you know what?


I thought Hubby had played a bad trick on me but I would have felt him on the bed (you all saw how big he is! you can’t miss him) anyways, I could hear him snoring all the way in the living room so I knew it wasn’t him.

I went to the kids’s rooms to check up on them and they too were all snoring away!

(Yeah, my house is a loud one at night!)

I ran over to my room, jumped on my bed – of course after falling on my ass from knocking myself out with the top post of my bed – and huddled under the covers.

Needless to say, I couldn’t fall back asleep.

I am seriously thinking about getting myself a priestess or something to cleanse my house – or at the least a night light.

I think a Tinker Bell one would do the trick, don’t-cha think?

Khadra says:

maybe a superhero nightlight so they can protect you?

Khadra says:

Oh and Im FIRST again! WOO HOO!!!

Casey says:

Holy crap that’s freaky. Was it a dream?

Oh, you didn’t know that they hand out free spooks with every newborn at the hospital these days??

Top 5!!!!! I think it was your super-incredible self reminding you of something you need to do, still. Which is how you accomplish everything you do. Which is amazing.

Krystal says:

Khadra – if I do a super hero one I think I will be fighting with Little Man over it! LOL

Casey – no! it was not a dream! I’m not going crazy!! You sound just like my Hubby! LOL Actually, with the state of consciousness I am in, it may have been. LOL

Heather – nope, I did not know that – gees, I would have liked to have not checked that option in the admission paperwork.

Goodfather – Actually, staying up all that time reminded me that I needed to call my school and request an incomplete on my accounting course. It is really difficult and I can’t keep up!

Ah… sorry about that. I was going to email and apologize but I forgot. I’ve been working on my teleporting skills and I still need a lot of work. Cute pj’s.

Krystal says:

Captain – aha! so it was you! I swear – you know you could have given me a heart attack!! Oh and thanks, glad you liked the pj’s they are so comfy – Hubby hates them because they have so many holes!!! Next time though, can you give me a head’s up that you’re coming, I would have made sure that I left you a snack and the TV was still on.

[…] little angel sleep, I hear scraping noises on the walls. Of course since Captain recently had a failed attempt at teleporting, I think that he has trapped himself in my walls […]

spriteskeeper says:

Personally, I think Tinkerbell would be behind a lot of the scary noises. She’s an instigator.

Maybe it was the turtle? This is too weird.

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