Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 17, 2008}   Spin Cycle Friday: Favorites #2

Yeah, there is more….


Well, remember I told you all that I had removed whatever could be a possible fuzzy for Sneaky Monkey from his room?

Guess what?!?!………………………………………



No such luck!!! I don’t know where he got something but he did.

Yesterday as I was getting him ready for bed, his nose sounded stuffy and immediately an alarm went off in my head.

I rushed him to the bathroom, placed him in a vice grip with my legs, twisted his head back and up so I could see in his nose and yeap! There was another one – not like his usual surface ones where a tissue could suffice for removal – no it was way more north almost at the top of his nasal cavtity – I thought to myslef “I am not up for another night at the ER!!!

Well, while trying to remain this grip on him – poor baby was screaming and drinnking his bottle at the same time!  I moved to get my handy fuzzy remover (well, it wasn’t handy last time but it has worked before!) And I prayed for God’s intervention that I could help him this time!

You know what?………………………………


But the bad news was…..when he put his head back to normal position, GUSH!!!!! out came blood!!! It was like a damn had been broken!

I screamed formy husband – he cleaned the floor while I put Sneaky Monkey in the bath – poor baby was screaming and scared at this time.

After about 2 minutes of washing his face and squeezing his nose to get the clots out – he was fine. Thank Heaven!

I sqeezed one more time to finsh cleaning him up (you know how when they cry they get the slimey boogies, well, yeah, I was getting those out of nostrol 2 now – my poor little angel!) And low and behold.



…..A string came out!

I tipped hsi head back once again and there was nothing left in his nose except boogies and little nose hairs – I was never so glad to see boogies in my life! LOL

When I just looked at him and smiled and asaid to him “All gone, all done” He looked at me with his puppy dog eyes and said “It’s okay, It’s okay Diego” And leaned his head on my shoulder. One more crisis averted in my crazy but wonderful life!!!

I hope you all could laugh at this one too – i know how much my crazy life amuzes you.

Now I am off to pray that when I make it home tonight, I come home to a loud house and clean noses!!! (Heck – I can’t be too picky, something might go wrong!)


Yup, a two parter! I was going to comment about the lack of #2, but then snuck ahead and saw it! Linked to the second power!

Awww, poor little guy. A string?? How do they do it…

I’m glad everything came out OK. 🙂

halfasgoodasyou says:

Oh gross. I used to stick things in my nose as a kid too. I remember my mom pinning me down and pulling a necklace out of my nose. Glad you got SM’s stuff out…

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