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{November 17, 2008}   Spin Cycle Friday: Favorites #1

Okay, Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper thought that she was going to be slick and make us squirm in order to pick favorite blog posts from the past (no, not picking your nose! I swear you people really have your minds in the garbage!) this time but aha! was she wrong, this was not a difficult thing for me at all!! Now if you asked me to pick a favorite kid – that would be a different story because at this particular point in time, none are my favorite because they are adding each and every day one more gray hair on my already too old looking for my age head! Oh yeah, back to the Spin Cycle – the 2 entries that I am going to provide for you are my favorite posts of when I first started blogging and make me realize how wonderful and wholesome my life really is! Enjoy!!


This is a funny story actually – it was tragic and horrible when it happened but now that it is over, I can laugh at it.

Saturday morning Sneaky Monkey, my 3 year old, woke up with a runny nose and I checked him for a temperature and nothing. Usually when he has a runny nose he has a sinus infection. Well, I just gave him some milk and he went off playing. I continued to notice his nose was still runny but no fever. Most moms would pass this off as the sniffles but with my son and his medical history, I know otherwise.

So when I laid him down a bit later to change his diaper, I noticed what looked like Boogies in his nose and attempted to clean his nose out but they wouldn’t come out. I figured that he was getting an infection and that it was just one of those yucky pussy things that he gets and when he sneezes, it will pop as it usually does and it will be okay.

Well, hours go by and no sneeze and no yuck, so I waited and he took his nap, when he awoke, still no sneeze and no puss but I did find him with his usual “fuzzies” in his nose. To explain, “fuzzies” are little pieces of loose cotton or fleece from a blanket that he pulls off of the fabric and stuffs up his nose – with his autism, this is a sensory thing they say. Well, I did the usual and pulled the fuzzies out and then I thought – what if that boogie looking stuff isn’t boogies?

So, I did what any investigative mommy would do – I grabbed my tweezers and a blanket and papoosed him on the ottoman, shone the light down on him (you should have heard the screams!!! I wanted to shoot myself for this!) Well, out of the right nostril came out a 1/2″ piece of fabric – from where I do not know – but he lodged it up there! Well, I figured that was the same with the other nostril and I couldn’t get it! No matter what I used, my bulbous syringe or the tweezers – it wouldn’t come out and at this time he smacked himself in the face (His arm got loose and when he is in sensory overload he hits himself) and this caused his nose to bleed. There we go, the fuzzy couldn’t be seen! So I did the next best thing, I called 911.

They came and found nothing! I was like what do you mean?!? I know it is there but it is covered in blood so you can’t see it! Well, I decided not to take him to the hospital. He was screaming blood curdling screams and needed to relax so I gave him some time. When I went to put him in the bath, I went to try and see agin if maybe he had just sniffed it up and it went into his tummy. No such luck. It was still there and his nose was bloody – poor baby!!! SO I told my hubby, I’m goin in!!!!


to the ER (you probably thought I was gonna attack his nose again didn’t you? LOL)

So we get to the ER and after a wonderful 2.5 hour wait with a severely sensory overloaded 3 year old who is more aggressive than usual because he has something up his nose – we go in and we see the doctor.

They papoose him (this one he liked) and was clam and quiet and chattering away. Within 3 minutes the doc and the tech went to work on his nose and got out a piece of Fuzzy about the size of a dime from the top of his nasal cavity. There was no way I could have gotten it with my basic tweezers!!!

He was back to his normal self within seconds!!!

Needless to say, his room has been cleared of all potential “fuzzies” and his nose is on 24 hour watch (he still can pull “fuzzies” from the carpet though!)

Thank God for Sunday, I needed to rest!! LOL


Ah! This one is my favorite of yours! Damn straight, you’re linked!

Heheh, wow. Fuzzies are EVIL.

2.5 hours is pretty good for the ER these days. Last time I took my son, it was four. Sigh.

I remember this one too! Ahhh, memories!!! Another one of yours that I always remember is that horrible day in Ikea – every time I read a post about Ikea I think of you! I felt so sorry for you that day!!

Krystal says:

Jen – your favorite too? I’m so glad i could please!!

Goodfather – yeah 2.5 was good for that day, I have spent countless hours in the ER! And yes, they are truly EVIL

Heather – I do not even want to remember IKEA!!! Just the word sends shivers up my spine!

Khadra says:

OMG I have a similar story. Lizzie (my Autistic one) stuffed a Polly Pocket shoe up her nose. Lizzie is a horrifying mess about medical stuff. My huge husband could not keep her still to get into her nose. We tried tweezers and he even got a small hose and tried to suck it out. He ended up going to the ER with her where the nurses and dr (who never listen to us) found out they couldnt keep her still to get the shoe out. (NO REALLY?!) so instead of sedating her and taking it out, they traumatized her and the thing got pushed farther. They sedated her and couldnt get it.

She had to go back in the next day to the OR and have it surgically removed. I was SO pissed at the hospital. They seem to have no idea what to do with an Autistic child. Anyway, we throw out Polly’s shoes as soon as she enters our house now.

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