Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 17, 2008}   Life with Baby

“This is too much” most people would think to say – but no, not me, I am loving it! I am in a better mood than I have ever been. Life has just been falling into place better than ever. My world is now complete. I am in a state of zen and I never want to get out!!!

Okay, now for the truth….

I am going insane!! Who the heck told me to have 6 kids? Truly? I mean where were you people when I really needed some sense knocked into me? Oh yeah, sorry, I didn’t have a blog back then and like my Hubby tells me, “You didn’t say STOP!”

To be honest, it is not that bad but I am looking like a desheveled mess! I mean come on – I used to be the prissy girl with the hair and nails all done up – now my idea of getting all “gussied” up is to brush my teeth and maybe my hair!! LOL

As some of you might have even seen in Captain’s Photoblog of our “office spaces” – mine is a messy bed which I did not even bother to make. Why? It is just going to get messy again!! Now my rituals are filled with feedings every 3 hours, really stinky poopy diapers (not that I had enough of those around to go!), laundry up the wazoo and washing baby bottles – so many baby bottles!! AGHGH!! Who has time to make a bed? (Oh and Captain, yeah, you can steal the brown if you figure out how to do it! I don’t mind sharing – while we’re on the topic of sharing – want me to share a few kids with you? Really, they are great kids! They will teach you the new meaning of love – really, please!! Take them!!!)

The only good thing out of this is the fact that my family truly is whole right now. I could do without the B.O. though!!

*sniff* Okay, yeah, I think it is time for a shower – I am overdue!


Khadra says:

um yeah, I would have told you to stop lol! 4 is my limit. I have no idea what I would do with six. Where do you put them all? What do you drive to drag around 6 kids and their stuff??? How do you fit groceries for 8 into your vehicle? No way girlie, I would have smacked some sense into you 😉

Now go hug your baby for me, and find yourself some birth control.

Khadra says:

Oh and I am finally first somewhere. I dont get this opportunity often as I am usually chasing around my kids while Im trying to read and type.

I am officially third and technically second! Your zen and my zen sound a lot alike, plus or minus 5 kids. I need the stress and out of left field diapers to kick my control into overdrive. I crave it. Careful, I may offer to babysit..

Krystal says:

Khadra – birthcontrol taken care of!! I had my tubes tied and as far as transporting a family of 8 – it is known as a 12 passenger van – yeah, one of the ones the airport uses or the local church does!!! LOL

Jen – you can baby sit anytime! Now if you will have your sanity afterwards, that is a different story.

Khadra says:

Krystal, my husband and I were discussing those vans yesterday. He wants one. The kind that is sort of like a bus with seats on both sides and an aisle in the middle. He thinks the kids will fight less if they are separated. (yeah, like they cant still yell and spit and throw things?!)

Krystal says:

well mine doesn’t have the aisle in the middle – that is to big for us – the one I have is a Ford E-Van and I so totally agree with you – even with the extra space they still fight and guess what? they get louder!!

Khadra says:

this is my chevy van

Khadra says:

ok that didnt work lol!

Um, yeah – until they start sleeping through the night it is a real free for all, isn’t it! It’s crazy how quickly your house looks like it exploded when you have kids and a husband running around unsupervised while you take care of a new baby! I think I figured out that the reason why we take so many pictures of our kids that first year is that we are too sleep deprived to remember what they looked like if we didn’t have the pictures!! Hang in there!!!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Ha, I would have knocked some sense into you but you were already knocked up when I met you. Sorry. I stopped at two because I have way less patience than you but you already had five so one more is a breeze, right? Once TD starts sleeping more regularly and you get a chance to groom yourself, you’ll feel better about life. We’ll be here to make you laugh in the mean time.

Krystal says:

Khadra – that one is a good size

Heather – you placed things into perspective! now I know why I go camera crazy! LOL

Casey – a breeze? yeah!! more like I need a drink from Bahama Breeze! LOL Actually it’s not that bad – the sleep deprivation is wearing off. I’m just so glad I have you all to make me laugh!

oops lost you and found you again! Nice to catch up! 6 kids, I am fine with just the one!

You are AMAZING. I don’t know the hows (well, except for the obvious) of six kids, but I’ve become convinced by reading your blog that you are one of the most amazing Moms on the planet.

Have a great shower!

Krystal says:

Goodfather – I know I can always count on you to make me blush!!!

Honey, I’ve only got two kids and I barely have time to shower. And as for the unmade bed? I squeeled in glee because Steenky never makes her bed.

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