Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 16, 2008}   I am no longer MIA

Sorry I have been out for a while – I have been sick with the flu and to add on top of it, so have the kids!!

I have not forgotten about you all and I am feeling so much better now.

Thanks to you all for sending well wishes about my friend’s nephew Alex. We still have not heard from the results of the biopsy. Should have an answer by Monday.

Thanks again to you all.

Update on Tiny Dancer: She is getting so big and eating so much!! She is already at 4 ounces every 3 hours!!! She is also sleeping well and awake alot longer.

Little Man’s asthma is back with a vengenace since the flu and the other boys are coughing alot still but alot better than they were. Princess is enjoying being the big sister and I am so glad to have her by my side.

I’ll write more later. I have so much to say!!! Right now, I need to catch up on my homework.

Be sure to check back with me tomorrow!!



kirsty815 says:

Oooo looks like I’m first! Glad you’re back and hope you all get to feeling better soon!

Casey says:

Oh good, I missed you. I figured you were busy with the kids, sorry you were sick on top of everything else. See you soon!

Hey, so glad you are feeling better. The flu is no fun on steroids.

With that many kids and a new baby I’m surprised you ever have time to blog, so don’t worry about it. God, I love this brown. Can I steal it?

Glad you’re feeling better. I was beginning to worry. I still haven’t dragged my sad butt out to the garage to fish through my tupperware of girl clothes. This weekend, I promise!

Missed you!
I hope you feel better really soon and can’t wait to see the updates! No pressure though…

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