Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 8, 2008}   Spin Cycle: Relaxation

Wow!! I am shocked! Jen said that the topic for this week’s Spin Cycle was thought up by Casey! Relaxation and Casey do not seem to belong in the same sentence let alone the same hemisphere!

Well, all I have to say is that since about 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had much relaxation. When I do relax though it is when I look at my baby sleeping. She is so peaceful and calming. The boys love to watch her sleep. Sneaky Monkey says “Baby sleep!”; Angel Eyes just stares at her. Little Man kisses her little hands. Baby Boy really pays her no attention though.

Princess loves it when she opens her eyes and smiles (yeah, I can’t bare to tell her those smiles are just gas)

Here are some of my most relaxing sights within the past week:


sunday-013Yeap! This is Hubby – shhh! I din’t show you this okay?

Oh, that’s definitely relaxing! I used to love watching Sprite sleep when she was curled up on me or John. Beautiful! You’re linked!

Sammanthia says:

I have to hold her… if I could jump through my screen, I totally would. I love the way she’s laying there with her hands folded. Absolutely adorable.

Michele says:

Could you just sort of sniff the top of her head for me? I love new baby smell. It’s been so long I only remember the good ones.

So sweet! Baby with her hands folded. Daddy with another of his babies.

When are my children going to get off their lazy butts and give me grandchildren?

Awesome pics. I have more than a few of my sleeping with our girls in my chair, LOL. Ahhhh, so relaxing…

Jim @ IPR says:

She’s adorable. Angels are always relaxing sights.

goodmum says:

It’s interesting. I never would put the words “baby” and “relaxing” in the same sentence. 🙂 I’m guessing your baby experience is much different from mine. hahaha

I’m glad you’re finding some peace in your busy, busy life.

Oh, and the pic? What pic? I didn’t see anything.

Krystal says:

Jen – Sprite is adorable even when she’s not curled up with you or John!

Sammanthia – Awww- now you are making me wish you could hold her and squish on her – I think all people should enjoy the holding of a baby.

Michelle – I sniff her head all the time! Johnson’s Baby wash smell.

Goodfather – daddy and his little girls are always priceless images!

Jim – thanks, she is an angel!

Kia – LOL!!! Well, like I said, when she is sleeping it is relaxing. A little bit of peace, just dreading having to go back to work! Sorry you can’t see the pic – that is weird.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Ha, I’m trying to work on relaxing more, I promise. I wondered how YOU were going to spin this one seeing you probably never get a chance to relax. Stop reading this comment and put your feet up! Man, TD is adorable!

Laufa says:

The most precious time is when they are sleeping. Don’t forget to sleep when they are asleep.

Fran says:

When we get a new car Mike loves “The New Car Smell” Yuk! I love “The New Baby Smell” When sprite was first born I would just love holding her and watching her sleep now thats relaxing.

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