Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 8, 2008}   A Birthday Story

Thank you to all who left happy birthday wishes for Princess. She truly had a great day!!

We celebrated her birthday at school with cupcakes and juice. I had never seen such a large smile on her face!! My little girl was smiling from ear to ear. She was the center of attention and was not scared!! This is something that I have wanted for so long and she did it all on her own. I have to admit that she did hide herself a bit – when we were singing Happy Birthday, she didn’t look out to the classroom she just kept her eyes down but she did have a smile!! A large happy happy smile!!!

Her gifts were exactly what she wanted – a cell phone (yes, she has one, don’t judge! She freaks out when she doesn’t see Hubby at dismissal and this helps her know he’s there and since she goes to her extracurriculars, she can always reach us if she is scared  – even though we are always in the parking lot!); she also got the Sleeping Beauty movie, PiXOS, and the Disney Princesses Wii game.

But she told me her favorite present was her baby sister – hpim0813

I took some pictures but they were at her school and had her classmates in them so I cannot post them as I do not have permission from their parents to post them on-line.


Primo! OMG! Princess is a little you! She is so cute and I’m glad she had a good birthday. My oldest HATES when people sing Happy Birthday, regardless of whose birthday it is. Freak.

Oh, that picture is so squishable! Sprite is singing happy birthday to EVERYONE lately. All of her friends have been turning two and she’s the last of them to do so, so she’s practicing A LOT!

Danette says:

Aww, I’m glad she had a fun birthday. That picture is priceless, what a great smile!

Saw your blog over at Danette’s. What a sweet family!

Jim @ IPR says:

That’s great to hear. It adds that much more to her (and your) day. I’m not big on the song either.

Wonderful picture!

Khadra says:

awww how sweet!!!

Krystal says:

Captain – You think she looks like me? Thanks!!! She is way too cute!! Yeah, FREAK is the right word! Where do our kids get off?

Jen – she is so totaly squishable! I love to squish her! Oh and Angel Eyes is also singing Happy B-day all the time – the next B-day isn’t until January.

Danette, Elizabeth, Jim, & Khadra- Thanks!!!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Princess is adorable, I love the hat! I also love that she loves her sister so much. Glad she had a great day!

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