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{November 4, 2008}   Spin Cycle: Voting

Okay, yeah, I couldn’t miss a Spin Cycle!! What do you think? I am crazy? Well, here it is short and sweet (a rarity for me I know). If it is too short, sorry Jenbut deal with it mkay? I will make it up I promise!

This election has caused me to ponder one thing – why do we vote? Really, does it count? We have some weird ass thing known as the electoral college and I really don’t know what it does or how it works and honestly, if it is more complex than 1 + 1, I am having none of it!

Oh, and this morning Princess already announced the winner – she came out of her room screaming “Obama is President! Obama won!”

When asked how she knew this she said they voted in school and Obama won. (First graders voting?What are they teaching these kids at school?)

Let’s see if her prediction is right.

All in all if McCain wins, I think I am moving to Canada.

Know any good brokers Captain?

This is not a political endorsement of any party and should not be thought of as such. If you do then well, whatever! If not, share your Spin on the voting – come on, you know you wanna!


Ah, yes, the electoral college.
My husband’s cousin made a comment about why he’s not voting and it has to do with them. I am SO blogging about it on Friday.
I love the fact that kids are getting into politics in first grade! Sometimes I wish the parents could sit in that day and really learn the basics of politics, not just the mudslinging.
Great Spin, Krystal!
(And honestly, yes, I wasn’t expecting anything from you this week, you know, because you had a BABY and all, but you are awesome!)

Khadra says:

Can our responses be endorsements? lol!
My husband refuses to vote because of the electoral college thing as well. He didnt register and then thought yesterday, well I guess I could have voted on all the other stuff on the ballot.
I was so pissed. I want to be able to vote too!

Heinous says:

My son’s kindergarten voted too. Obama won even though the boy voted McCain (don’t look at me, it’s his grandfather.)

Casey says:

If McCain wins, I’m moving to Canada too. For realsies, as Steenky would say.

WHEW! Thanks for leaving me a comment, I lost your new blog! I tried to add it to reader when you moved, and something snafu’ed. Yay! I found you.

Wow, Princess is a precog! Lol!

Move to Canada – lol – If Obama wins we will be indistinguishable from Canada – so polish up your loonies either way :0) Electoral college has lost most of its reason for being, but it has historical significance. Although it’s been pretty consistently in line with the popular vote – only off 4 time. Anymore, I’m not sure the popular vote is regularly consistent with the actual vote of the population let alone the electoral college vote. Should be a fun evening!

Krystal says:

Jen – I agree with you on the matter of politics in school but unfortunately like everything else in this world, the ugly finds a way to rear its mean head.

Khadra – honestly, I don’t even know what else is on the ballot. I know there are a few congressman to be elected but that is it. Oh yeah, and Sherrif! Ours decided to be corrupt and go against the law so we have to vote and see if the interim sherrif is worth keeping.

Heinous – maternal side or paternal side?

Casey – maybe we can get a deal on the move? You know share a container transport? LOL

Goodfather – precog! wow – Minority Report isn’t it? And we’ll just wait and see – I’ll probably see it tonight as I am awake most of the night anyways. Should I wake hubby up when the winner is announced?

Frog’s mom – I don’t know – it seems like elections could be much more simpler and our country just makes it more difficult. Fun evening in deed!

There’s enough houses up for sale in my neighbourhood for a few of you. I was already pushing my neighbours house on Dee Marie. You’re all welcome.

Sister! If your vote doesn’t count, then I don’t know WHO’s does! FLORIDA? You are the grand-daddy of them all swing-states! Also, please, please don’t move to Canada. Did you know they don’t have palm trees? Also, they put tons of extra “u” letters in things. CRAZYSAUCE. Not awesomesauce. Also? No Cuban food. Like ever.

Krystal says:

Captain = If any of the houses in your neighborhood are as cute as yours, count me in!!! Now I just have to convince Hubby.

Jenbo – LOL!!! I know we are one of the biggest states but yet we always seem to “f” it up some how. I can do without some palm trees though, I hate them damn things!!! (I guess when you’ve seen palm trees all your life, they are not all that cool) As far as Cuban food, well, I have had it all my life (yes, I am Cuban) so I can do without it. Anyways, I can cook it if worse comes to worse. As far as the wacky spelling – so totally awesome to be different! Heck, if it’s not Canada then it is England and that is too far away for you to stalk no?

In response to the Steenk, at least I can go to Cuba. OH! That’s right, that’s what HE said! Not only that, I can walk over to 7/11 right now and buy myself a Cuban cigar. And palm trees CAN grow here, I’ll have you know. Only here where I live though. The other 99% of the country would kill those things in a heartbeat.

I was hoping my blog carried a little more weight… if it did we would all be staring at David Beckham this morning. Bummer.

So there you are! I lost you for a bit! Love the new site!

I’m glad you aren’t moving to Canada. 🙂

My fourth grader had fights on the playground about who was going to win. They had an election at school as well, were given very balanced brochures for each candidate and McCain won. I’m in Texas so that’s shocking right? So I guess the moral to the story is sometimes you do know more than a fourth grader!!

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