Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 2, 2008}   Okay, this is the last time I promise!!

Well you all know that I have had issues with Blogger and then I tried Live Journal – they all sucked!!! So I decided to change blogs again and I am staying here!!

I completely forgot about Word Press but now I am here.

Thanks for understanding.

Do you think this is some form of post-partum insanity?

Crazy yes, probably nothing to do with post-partum though.

Hey, my avatar looks great on your page. Although that’s not the avatar I’m using right now. What happened to blogger? I’m having some issues with it now too. None of my comments are being forwarded to my email and my avatar is different on different sites. Huh?

Live Journal does suck. Word Press is nice but I always had a pain in the ass getting my pictures up.

Ok, I’ll go now.

Krystal says:

Captain – I don’t know what the deal with blogger is! Ugh!! and I know why I heart you – you are so honest! LOL (crazy thing definately not post partum! just looking for an excuse)

Casey says:

Howdy, nice to see you over here now. You’re really making me go on a bloggy scavenger hunt this weekend. S’okay though, I’d follow you anywhere. Not in a stalker kinda way though so you’re safe.

Laufa says:

Yes insane, babies drain all the sane thoughts right out of your brain.

That’s funny, I’ve been thinking about going back to Blogspot, but I fear the repercussions from my family. They might stop reading me. That would suck to have your family bail on you.;)
Totally blame post-partum. You’ve got a few more months of that, so take advantage of it while you can.
I found you back through CD… I keep losing people lately. I think they’re hiding from me.;)

spriteskeeper says:

Okay, you are updated AGAIN in my google reader and blogroll. Yay! A nice new home to go with the nice new baby!

Yay! I found you. And bookmarked you. And added you to my reader. I use WordPress too, although I’ve installed it standalone on my server so that I could say I did that. No other reason, really, now that I think about it. In fact, maybe I’ll just move to their server. Hmmm.

Love your new blog digs.

I just put out a post ’cause I miss you! Windows kept closing down from blogger.

Krystal, she is beautiful. Arrgghhh! You have 6 kids, want me to come babysit?

Ohhh, I am a strange triangle with a plaster on it’s mouth. Ok *checks mirror* ;0)

Khadra says:

postpartum insanity is definitely to be expected. And it gets worse with each one I think.

Krystal says:

Jen – I so totally agree – this is nicer

Goodfather – thank God you found me! I would so totally have missed you if you didn’t!! But then again, I would have found you and stalked you – in a nice way though 🙂

Rainbowmummy – I would love another set of hands!! When can you get the first flight over here?

Khadra – you are so right!

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