Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 2, 2008}   Isn’t she precious?


Kirsten says:

Awwwww she sure is! Now Stop that you’re making me think about another. ;o)


pixiemama says:

mmmm. she is yummy!
hope all is well…

Krystal says:

Kirst – come on, you know you want one! LOL

Pixie – yesterday I gave her a bath – even more yummy!!! All is well thank you!

Casey says:

Oh she is. I would totally reach through the computer and smooch her face if I could. Alas, technology hasn’t gotten that far yet….
BTW, is your RSS feed setup here? I can’t add the new site to my reader…

She. Is. Adorable. I heart her… give her a big kiss from me. I hope you’re doing okay!

So, so, so adorable – words can not describe! Enjoy Mommy :0)

spriteskeeper says:

Must show picture of precious to John. Must break his resolve. Must have another!

Miss Jack says:

Adorable! Did I ever say congratulations? I don’t think I did. So, congratulations! You are Superwoman! I bow down to your super-woman strength and wish you could pass some of it along to me. 🙂

Krystal says:

Jen – you so totally have to break his resolve!! Another little mini-Jen or even a mini-John? Oh way too cute!

Frog’s Mom – thanks – I really am enjoying!

Ms. Jack – thanks but Super Woman? Honestly, if you saw how I looked now – you would think again! Aghgh! (Maybe I should post a pic?)

Khadra – thank you!

allinole says:


Danette says:

Absolutely she is!!

Wow…she makes me wish I could have another….

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